Saab Sonett Super Sport shows what might have been

1956 Saab Sonet

The idea behind the Saab Sonett Super Sport, which is appearing at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed, June 25-27, was to create a successful racing car in the up to 750 cc class. The project was so secret in 1955 that Saab decided to build the car outside its facilities, in a barn in Åsaka outside Trollhättan, Sweden.
The Sonett Super Sport running gear came from the Saab 93, but a completely new chassis and body were developed for this car under the direction of project leader Rolf Mellde. The chassis was made by aircraft-specification riveted aluminum (a vital connection to the Saab aircraft heritage) and clothed in glass-fiber reinforced plastic body panels.

1956 Saab Sonet

The two-stroke 748 cc engine from the Saab 93 was tuned and modified, with a substantial jump in power from 33 hp to 57.5 hp. A modified Saab 93 transmission also was used.
Just at the time the car was completed, significant race regulation changes made the concept of the Sonett Super Sport uncompetitive. Saab decided to abandon plans to race it and postponed its competition efforts for more appropriate opportunities in the future.
Only six cars were made. Remarkably, all exist today in very good condition.
This car is Chassis No.1 and resides in the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan.

1956 Saab Sonet

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