Oldtimer Archiv Yearbook 2017

COVER 27-2017.inddAs you are holding this third edition of the Oldtimer Archiv Yearbook,  its Dutch counterpart has simultaneously rolled off the presses in its 27th edition. This means that it’s pretty much exactly a quarter of a century ago that we printed our first, A5-sized yearbook with 450 classic cars. In the interim, this has grown into the ‘classic car bible’ par excellence, with make and model coverage well into five figures. Again, this new edition features hundreds of ‘new’ classic and collector cars from every part of the world and every era in automotive history.

Back in 1991, the classic car market still had to recover from the bust that had followed a global stock market crash, necessitating the sale of car that had been bought expensively in the preceding years, at substantial losses. Now, by the end of 2016, we are still riding an upward surge in prices for ‘investment grade’ cars, although it looks that with some makes and models that had seen particularly strong appreciation of several times their previous value over, the market is taking a breath for pause. However, we would advise not to wait too long with the purchase of a ‘dream car’. Obviously, supply will be at best static, while new markets are opening for classic cars all the time and the interest on money in the bank is still close to nil. We deem prices of Ferraris, Aston Martins and cars with significant historic interest unlikely to drop significantly any time soon, and as for the more ‘affordable’ classics, as long as they’re well maintained their value as something to use and enjoy won’t likely diminish, either. After all, who hasn’t dreamt of taking a drive with the soft top down and a pick-nick basket in the boot on a beautiful Spring day

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