Maserati Trofeo

The Maserati Trofeo is the car that hails Maserati’s official return to the world of competition. The Trofeo Maserati Europa, sponsored by Vodafone with Pirelli as a technical partner, is divided into seven meets held at the leading circuits in Italy, England, Germany, France and Spain. Four are mini-endurance type events lasting an hour.

The last race takes place during the traditional Ferrari Finals. Maserati manages the cars directly to guarantee top class preparation and tuning. The Maserati Trofeo is based on the Coupé Cambiocorsa and is assembled on the same production line as the Coupé and Spyder.


The main differences between it and the production models is that it is significantly lighter and is fitted out with a racing kit. In addition to organising the single-series Trofeo, Maserati has also announced that it will be unveiling a new car for the FIA GT Championship in 2004. Competition has always played a hugely important role in Maserati’s history. In 1957, for instance, Juan Manuel Fangio won the Formula 1 World Championship at the wheel of a Maserati 250 F. Just under a decade earlier,Wilbur Shaw had triumphed in the Indianapolis 500 for Maserati on two consecutive years, 1939 and 1940. Maserati was also the very first Italian constructor to win the “World’s most famous race.” The 8CTF, renamed the Boyle Special after its sponsor, is currently housed in the Hall of Fame at the Indianapolis circuit.


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