Maserati Coupé and Spyder 2003

In the Evolution ’03, Maserati has managed to further up the technological ante by developing an advanced stability control system, known as the Maserati Stability Programme (MSP), in collaboration with Bosch. Offered as standard on all versions, MSP boasts two modes of intervention.

It integrates the ABS, ASR, MSR and EBD functions by acting on the brakes and engine to help the driver control the vehicle even in the most extreme conditions. The Evolution ‘03 also enjoys more refined dynamic characteristics which give the Maserati Spyder even sportier handling on the road.


Updated Cambiocorsa software, recalibration of the Skyhook system linked to the dampers, springs and torque bar (also newly calibrated), more direct, precise steering, and new tyres with improved lateral grip push the car still flatter on the road and make driving even more accurate and fun. The Evolution ‘03 is also instantly recognisable thanks to the new V8 logo (indicating the number of cylinders and their layout) taking pride of place alongside the indicators. Another important improvement is that the Spyder now has a new glass rear window to replace the former plastic version. The Spyder’s body boasts unequalled torsional stiffness for an open top car (1,050 kgm/°), and this has been improved upon still further in the new Evolution ’03 to combine even greater drop top driving pleasure with the kind of precision handling of a true thoroughbred sports car.



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