Auctionata’s second highly successful ‚Classic Cars‘

Auctionata’s second highly successful ‚Classic Cars‘ auction once again drew collectors and automobile aficionados in large numbers with its fine selection of collectors‘ cars, sports cars and everyday classics from over seventy years of automotive history. Over 1,000 bidders and classic car collectors registered for the auction, and there were numerous exciting bidding contests.

The auction was ably led by Auctioneer Georg Untersalmberger and expert Rauno Aaltonen, and saw automotive masterpieces by Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Maserati go under the hammer, alongside a small selection of classic microcars. Three of the classic cars in excellent condition fetched an identical sale price: a 1951 Jaguar XK 120 OTS, a 1961 Porsche 356 B Cabriolet 1600 Super and a 1970 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 3.5 all sold for €117,610​ (incl. buyer’s premium).

Auctionata_Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Nuova, Model 1976_sold for 14.142 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 14,400.00

Estimated € 18,000.00
Starting at € 9,000.00

This vehicle offered here is a Giulia from 1976. The car was first delivered by Alfa to its first owner in Vienna. The Alfa’s original operating license specifies 3 owners. The last recorded owner operated the car between 1994 and 2012. Afterwards the consignor bought the vehicle from the third owner’s widow. The service record was kept up to a mileage of 45,223 km in 1982.

Alfa Romeo Giulia
After the Giulia Ti had been introduced in 1962, it was time to give her a facelift in 1974. In this process the interior and the body were comprehensively worked over. Front and rear hood were smoothed, the radiator grill was exchanged with a more contemporary plastic variant and the bumpers were changed, so that the Giulia lost her striking appearance. In order to increase safety, seats with headrests and H1 headlamps were installed.

Auctionata_Auto Union DKW Type F7 Cabrio, Model 1938_sold for 30.641 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 32,188.00

Estimated € 50,000.00
Starting at € 24,000.00

This DKW F7 offered here was taken apart piece by piece in a classic car garage and restored and rebuilt according to documents from the Technical Museum Brno (Czech Republic) in 1995/96. All in all some 2547 hours were put into the restoration. A rare complete convertible version of the DKW F7.

DKW, along with Audi, Horch and Wanderer, was part of the ‚Auto Union‘ and Germany’s second biggest car manufacturer after Opel. The DKW F7 is a compact car with front-wheel drive, which the ‚Auto Union‘ introduced to the market as successor of the model F5 in 1937. With 80,000 units made, the F7 was DKW’s most successful model with front wheel drive. Just as it was the case with all DKW front wheel drive models, the DKW F7 was built at the Audi plant in Zwickau. In 1939 the production of the F7 was stopped and it was replaced by the type F8 with box section frame and an improved front axle.

Auctionata_BMW 3,0 Csi, Coupé Model 1975_sold for 30.641 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 32,188.00

Estimated € 20,000.00
Starting at € 10,000.00

This BMW coupe comes from a Hungarian collection. It was imported to Hungary from Sweden in 2005. Over the past couple of years it was partly restored. The leather interior was entirely renewed in 2014. Paintwork and technology were also overhauled. It is a classic car suitable for everyday use, coupe models are particularly sought-after.

E9 was the classification of the coupé variant of the E3 series. It was built by commission of BMW at Karmann in Rheine between 1968 and 1975. A total of 30,546 units were made. In 1971 another model variant, the BMW 3.0 CSi with Bosch-D-Jetronic fuel injection was introduced to the market. With 200 hp, it accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.7 seconds and reached a maximum speed of 220 km/h. Up to the end of production in November 1975, some 8,144 cars were made.

Auctionata_BMW 600 „Isetta“, Model 1958_sold for 22.391,5 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 23,522.00

Estimated € 20,000.00
Starting at € 10,000.00

This BMW 600 was originally shipped to Sweden, where it was also entirely restored recently. This ‚Isetta‘ does not only have a front door, but also a right rear door that allows passengers to directly enter the back. Despite its small size it still offers sufficient space for 4 people.

BMW 600
The BMW 600, also called ‚large Isetta‘, was a small car with four seats made by the Bavarian Motor Works. What was so special about this model was the front door and a door for passengers in rear. The engine was largely modeled on the BMW motorcycle boxer engines. Another technically remarkable feature was the fully synchronized drive and the asymmetric dim lights. Instead of a trunk, the BMW 600 just had a small rack behind the rear seat. 34,813 models were made over a period of construction of almost two years.

Auctionata_BMW 2002 Turbo, Model 1974_sild for 76.602,5 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 80,470.00

Estimated € 50,000.00
Starting at € 24,000.00

This BMW 2002 Turbo offered here comes from a Swiss collection. The current owner bought it from an estate in 2005. In 2012 he had the car thoroughly worked over, however, engine and transmission remained untouched. As far as as its handling is concerned, the car is quite a challenge. Equipped with a turbo boost, car lovers will get their kicks when going full throttle. The rear wheel drive allows maximum fun. Today the 02 series is still very popular at classic car events, especially the Turbo version is guaranteed to put observers in ecstasy. We wish its new owner a lot of fun.

BMW 2002 Series
The series 114, also 02 series, comprised medium-sized cars that BMW made between 1966 and 1977. Only four-cylinder models with (engine type M10) with 1.5, 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 liters engines were available. The 2002 turbo carried the development code BMW E20. With 170 hp it was the first car with exhaust-gas turbocharger made in serial production, even before the Porsche 911 Turbo. The model was made in silver and white only. All in all just 1672 units of the 2002 Turbo were produced.

Auctionata_BMW Isetta Export 300, Model 1959_sold for 16.499 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 17,332.00

Estimated € 16,000.00
Starting at € 8,000.00

A lovingly restored ‚bubble car‘. The charming BMW Isetta with 13 hp, 298 cc, model 1959, with original Austrian certificate of conformity is in a very nice restored condition. The Isetta was modified from 3 to 4 wheels, the modification has been permitted and is specified in the papers (parts are still at hand, in case the original make is preferred). The ‚bubble car‘ has meanwhile reached cult status and cuts a fine figure both on vintage car races as well as in city traffic.

BMW Isetta
In 1954 BMW increase its range of products by a micro car. The Isetta was built under Italian license. What made this two-seater so unique was the fact that it opened through a front door. It was driven by a BMW motorcycle engine with a cubic capacity of 250 or 300.

Auctionata_Cadlillac De Ville Cabriolet, Model 1962_sold for 18.856 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 20,400.00

Estimated € 15,000.00
Starting at € 7,500.00

This Cadillac Deville Cabriolet comes from a Hungarian collection. The interior is presumably still original and in a good used condition.

Cadillac DeVille
In early 1959 the DeVille series 63 was re-engineered. Every year some features were modified. In 1962 the grill became flatter and was given a wider, horizontal chromed center bar. Over the years before modificications of tail lights and bumpers had been made.

Auctionata_Chevrolet Camaro RSSS, Big Block, Model 1969_sold for 47.140 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 49,520.00

Estimated € 50,000.00
Starting at € 24,000.00

An original 69 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS is offered here. It is an original Big Block car. It is in its original ‚hugger orange‘ color. The car got a new paintwork in 2014. The 396 cubic inch V8 Big Block is driven by a 4 gear Muncie manual transmission. The Camaro has disc brakes with brake boosters. Additionally, a new steering gear and a new power-steering pump were installed in 2014. The Camaro has the following features: 396 cubic inch V8 Big Block, 4 gear manual transmission, disc brakes with brake boosters, power steering, American Racing aluminum wheel rims, rotational-speed sensor, Flowmaster twin exhaust pipes, RS headlamps.

Chevrolet Camaro
‚Comrade‘ or ‚friend‘ is the translation of the French word ‚camerade‘, from which Chevrolet derived the name for the Camaro. Back then Chevrolet was part of the automobile group General Motors. The top model, available only in the U.S.A., carries the description SS, which stands for Super Sport and was sold as coupé and convertible. These models were not made by General Motors, but by SLP, an independent tuner and car customizer.

Auctionata_Chevrolet, Corvette Stingray Corvette, Model 1973_sold for 30.641 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 32,188.00

Estimated € 30,000.00
Starting at € 15,000.00

The Corvette has been restored and coated over the past couple of years, whereas the original interior remained untouched. Following additional papers are at hand: report regarding its classification as a historical car issued by TÜV Nord, report regarding operating permit issued by TÜV Nord, emissions inspection. A V8 classic at its best.

Chevrolet C 3
The Corvette C3 was introduced as the third Corvette generation in 1967. It was also called Stingray between 1969 and 1976. This new generation was characterized by an entirely new design of both in- and exterior. The striking design of the car’s body made automobile history as the ‚Coke-Bottle-Corvette‘. Despite initial manufacture problems, the C 3 was very successful. The fold-out main headlights were no longer electriccally driven, as of 1968 they were operated pneumatically. The coupe models featured a two-part detachable rooftop (T-Top) and a detachable rear window.

Auctionata_Classic Cars_Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce_Model 1981_sold for 25.927 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 27,236.00

Estimated € 30,000.00
Starting at € 15,000.00

The vehicle was in possession of an Italian collector between 1981 and 2014 and had never been registered for the use on roads. On 9 January, 2015 the Alfa was registered for the first time in Germany, the same day it was signed off. A car like this may never be offered again. This Alfa Romeo Sud 1.5 ‚Trofeo‘ is almost brand new, the speedometer displays a mileage of just 240 kilometers. The first owner bought it in 1981, because he was a great fan of the ‚Trofeo‘ racing series. One of just 400 models ever built. The following additional papers are at hand: manual, service index, maintenance manual, latest TÜV report (German Technical Control Board), old-timer permission report.

The “Trofeo” ALFASUD took place for the first time in Austria by initiative of the former race driver Ortner and was exclusively for Alfasuds. This race was so successful that the first Alfasud racing cups started at Alfa Romeo in Italy in 1975 and in Austria a year later. In 1978 on the Circuit Paul Ricard. A year later Alfasud cups were also held in France and Germany. The Trofeo Alfasud (‚Trofeo‘ means cup) was intended as preparation and promotion for younger and aspiring race drivers. This is an unusual occasion for all Alfisti and friends of Italian cars to get hold of a limited edition model with a stunningly low mileage. As far as its value is concerned it is incomparable, simply because an Alfa Sud with such a low mileage has never been found nor offered before.

Auctionata_Classic Cars_Austin Healey_Model 1962_sold for 53.032,5 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 55,710.00

Estimated € 70,000.00
Starting at € 34,000.00

This Austin Healy 3000 is particularly captivating for its restoration and features such as the 5 gear drive and the rare triple carburetor system. Both bumpers are at hand and part of this lot. This Healey is offered with spare wheel, spray deck, slip-in window, canopy top and convertible top frame. This car has a valid TÜV certificate (German Technical Control Board) and can be registered immediately.

Austin-Healy 3000
The Austin-Healey was built by BMC from 1959 to 1967. This roadster won many motor races trophies. Even today it is a popular participant in classics car events. It still counts among the legends of the British sports car scene. Access to the world of Austin-Healey is difficult for laymen, because of a confusing variety of classifications. From ‚100/6‘ with in-house classifications ‚BN4‘ and ‚BN6‘, over the models ‚3000 Mk1‘ (BN7, BT7), ‚3000 Mk2‘ (BN7, BT7), ‚3000 Mk2a‘ (BJ7) up to the ‚3000 Mk3” (BJ8), there were variants that differ in seating capacity, performance and other technical components.

Auctionata_Classic Cars_Jaguar 420G_Model 1970_sold for 28.284 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 28,800.00

Estimated € 20,000.00
Starting at € 10,000.00

A Jaguar 420G sedan in great original condition with a renowned provenance is auctioned here. It was initially registered as management vehicle for Dr. Lauda, director of the Styrian Magnesit Industrie and grandfather of the Austrian Formula 1 champion Niki Lauda. The current second owner’s chauffeur always took thorough care of the car. A luxury class sedan with leather interior, radio and a foldaway table in the back.

Jaguar 420 G
In 1966 Jaguar introduced this four-door sedan with a sporty character on the market. It was supposed to fill the gap between the Jaguar S-Type and the large sedan Mark X. While the engine of the Jaguar E-Type and the Mark X had a triple carburetor, the 420 G featured a twin carburetor only. Additionally, it had stronger brakes and an improved power steering. Its maximum speed was at 198 km/h.

Auctionata_Classic Cars_Maserati Merak_Model 1975_sold for 30.641 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 32,188.00

Estimated € 16,000.00
Starting at € 8,000.00

This Maserati Merak has not been in operation for a longer time (since 2008) and was in a slumber in a garage. Due to its long immobilization time and its technical specialty, this sports car is offered as a project car for handyman and is not in running condition. The brakes are without function. The engine was started for test purposes and it runs rough-and-ready, but it runs. Another inspection has not been made. Its new owner will definitely have to allow for a thorough overhauling before it can hit the streets again.

The car is explicitly offered as a project car for handyman, it is not in running condition.

Maserati Merak
From 1973 to 1982 the Italian sports car manufacturer Maserati produced the model Merak. A sports car with a midship engine. The car was named after the star Merak in the constellation Ursa Major. The Merak is a slightly modified variant of the Maserati Bora.

Auctionata_Classic Cars_VW Karmann Ghia Coupé, Model 1962_sold for 14.142 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 14,856.00

Estimated € 16,000.00
Starting at € 8,000.00

This Karmann Ghia Coupé has recently been imported and cleared from the U.S.A. to Austria. It is particularly captivating for its prime paintwork on interior doors, instrument paneling, trunk and motor compartment. Its exterior has recently received a completely new paintwork. Over the past couple of years all car body sealings, trim strips, ceiling, windshield, rear lights (EU) and many other parts have been renewed. It has two large meters and the original steering wheel.

VW Karmann Ghia
The VW Karmann-Ghia was made by Karmann in Osnabrück. The Karmann-Ghia Type 14 and the VW Beetle were technically almost identical. Several designers were involved in the car body’s planing and development. The Italian mechanical engineers Luigi Segre as well as Felice Mario Boano and his son Gian Paolo share merits for its development. The car is based on a prototype that was made for Chrysler in the U.S.A. In total 443,466 Karmann-Ghias were built in Osnabrück, of which ca. 80.000 cabriolets and the rest coupes.

Auctionata_Daimler XJ 4,2 Coupé, Model 1976_sold for 16.499 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 17,332.00

Estimated € 10,000.00
Starting at € 5,000.00

This Daimler comes from an Austrian collection. The classic car, suitable for everyday use, has had three previous owners and comes with a paintwork in the legendary color British racing green. The leather interior is beige. The rooftop is covered with vinyl. Chromed wire wheels bring the power of 4.2 liters cubic capacity onto the street.

Daimler 4.2
In 1973 the XJ series II was introduced as four-door sedan at the Frankfurt International Automobile Fair ‚IAA‘, both with short and long wheelbase. A two-door version was released a little later, however, it was offered for a short time only. Serial production of the XJ Coupé did not begin before 1975. A striking feature was that the B-pillars had disappeared for the benefit of frame-less side windows. The reason was a problem with disturbing driving noises that the sedan had. Coupés of the series were built until November 1977.

Auctionata_Ford Cortina 1600 De Luxe, Model 1968_sold for 7.071 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 7,428.00

Estimated € 8,000.00
Starting at € 4,000.00

This Ford Cortina is one of the few units built with left-hand drive. Its owner bought it 19 years ago and adapted it for the use at classic car events. He built in sporty bucket seats with suspender safety belts, an 80% limited slip differential and a reinforced chassis. A reliable car ready for the next car show.

Ford Cortina
The model Cortina was built at the English Ford works in Dagenham from 1962 to 1982. It was available as two- and four-door middle class sedan and station wagon The second generation of the Cortina was introduced in 1966. It was advertised with the slogan ‚New Cortina is more Cortina‘. The body was designed by Roy Haynes.

Auctionata_Ford Mustang Station Wagon, Single Piece, Model 1968_sold for 40.069 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 42,092.00

Estimated € 60,000.00
Starting at € 30,000.00

This Mustang has been modified by an American car designer in his free time. It absolutely is a unique piece. It was given a new paintwork in Viper GTS blue metallic in 2014. The Mustang has the following features: power steering, 4 disc brakes with brake booster, air condition, 18“ aluminum wheel rims, Cobra engine dressup.

Ford Mustang
The American car manufacturer Ford started production of the model Mustang in 1964. For trademark reasons it was sold as ‚T5‘ in Germany. The Mustang was the forefather of the pony car class. It replaced the Thunderbird as Ford’s number one sports coupé.

Auctionata_Goggomobil TA 300, Model 1955_sold for 8.249,5 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 8,666.00

Estimated € 8,000.00
Starting at € 4,000.00

Over the past couple of years this Goggomobil has been neatly restored with a great love for the detail. The Goggomobil was a microcar (bubble car) built in different versions by the Hans Glas GmbH in Dingolfing between 1955 and 1969. This car was shipped to and registered in Austria. Nowadays it is a car for 4 people that is apt to the urban parking situation.

The Goggomobil was developed in the 1950s as a reaction to new consumer habits and decreasing sales figures. In late 1954 and early 1955 production of this small sedan with four seats began began. The bubble car had a two-cylinder two-stroke engine (fan-cooled) and a four gear transmission placed in the notchback.

Auctionata_Jaguar XK 120 OTS, Model 1951_sold for 111.957,5 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 117,610.00

Estimated € 90,000.00
Starting at € 45,000.00

This XK120 was first delivered to the U.S.A. The current owner bought the car in 2010 and had it thoroughly serviced and maintained. All bills are at hand. With all the works the focus was always on originality. Even the original miles odometer has been replaced by one indicating kilometers. Additionally, a 5 gear transmission was built in. The original transmission is at hand and is part of this lot. A nice classic from Jaguar’s XK series.

Jaguar XK 120
Jaguar introduced the XK 120 to the market as successor of the Jaguar S.S.100. The two-seat roadster was more of a stopgap for the ‚London Motor Show‘ in 1948. Jaguar had actually intended to present the new engine for a new high speed sedan. However, the car body’s development had not been completed by Pressed Steel, so that Jaguar came up with the idea to present the engine in a racy sports car as an eye catcher.

Auctionata_Lancia Beta 2000 Spider, Zagato Design, Model 1977_sold for 18.856 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 19,808.00

Estimated € 20,000.00
Starting at € 10,000.00

This Lancia Beta Spider offered here has been elaborately restored over the past couple of years by its owner, who had bought it from a museum. Now this rare Spider is in a condition suitable for everyday use and it will make the hearts of all Lancisti beat faster. It is one of just 8,651 units from the second series.

Lancia Beta
Between autumn 1972 to late 1984 the Lancia Beta was made by the Italian car manufacturer Lancia. The standard model was a four-door hatchback sedan, which was worked over by Pininfarina in the course of its production. In autumn 1974 the Beta Spider, based on the coupé’s shorter platform, was released. The Beta Spider features a detachable plastic rooftop between windshield frame and Targa bar and a cloth folding top in rear. The open 2+2-seater was made by Carrozzeria Zagato. After all variants of the Beta had been worked over and the range of engines had been changed in autumn 1975, the Spider was built with the new version of the 1600 engine and the two liter engine.

Auctionata_Mercedes Benz 190 SL, Model 1961_sold for 70.710 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 74,280.00

Estimated € 60,000.00
Starting at € 30,000.00

This Mercedes Benz comes from a Hungarian collection and was imported from the U.S.A. It is in an incomplete state of restoration with several parts lacking, for instance the carburetor system and the folding top. The car had a new paintwork, the interior has been newly upholstered and covered.

This car is offered as a project car for handyman, it is in no running condition.

Mercedes Benz W 121
190 SL was the sales name of the legendary Mercedes Benz convertible with a four-cylinder engine. The in-house name of this series was W 121. It was built between 1955 and 1963. Models with a coupé top were also available. As far as technology is concerned, it was based on Ponton sedan. The 190 SL was intended to be closer to its ‚big brother‘, the 300 SL gull-wing door, however, its driving performance was clearly lower, 77 kw/105 hp in comparison with 158 kw/215 hp. This was also the reason why Daimler-Benz advertised the 190 SL in its brochures as a ‚touring sports car‘.

Auctionata_Mercedes Benz 250 SE Coupé, Model 1966_sold for 20.034,5 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 21,046.00

Estimated € 20,000.00
Starting at € 10,000.00

This Mercedes Benz comes from a Hungarian collection, which had it imported from Sweden. Both its in- and outside are in good condition. The original engine was exchanged with an engine from a 280 model (not recorded). The car is perfectly suitable for both everyday use as well as at classic car events. It is equipped with electric window lifters and a trailer coupling. Various plates are mounted to the radiator grill, most of them of Swedish origin.

Mercedes Benz W111
Coupés and convertibles with flatter car bodies and rounded, discernible tail fins were part of the W 111 and W 112 series. In 1965 the model 250 SE Coupé with 150 hp was introduced to the market. Mercedes-Benz put an emphasis on safety aspects. Accordingly, the W 111 had enhanced crush zones in front and rear, for the first time ever in a passenger car they had basically already been included in preceding models.

Auctionata_Mercedes Benz 280 SE 3.5, Model 1970_sold for 111.957,5 Euro (incl. buyer's premium) Sold for € 117,610.00

Estimated € 150,000.00
Starting at € 75,000.00

This car was originally built as coupé and was modified as convertible with original MB parts exclusively. The car’s technology has been checked by a Merceds-Benz contracting garage and wearing parts have been renewed. This wonderful cabriolet with extras such as an air condition and two electric window lifters is an affordable alternative to the original cabriolet. It is a German first delivery with three previous owners. The exterior paintwork matches specification in the MB data card. The leather interior is in original, unrestored and good used condition.

Mercedes Benz W111
The coupés and cabriolets with flatter car bodies with rounded discernible tail fins were part of the W 111 and W 112 series. The 3.5 literversion featured a V 8 type M 116 engine with 3500cc. Surely one of the most sought-after models from this era.

Auctionata_Mercedes Benz 300 SE Coupé, 1 of 2419 Coupés, Model 1964_sold for 37.712 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 39,616.00

Estimated € 50,000.00
Starting at € 24,000.00

This very rare Mercedes Benz 300 SE Coupé has been gradually restored by its owner over the past 12 years. For the last couple of years there is written proof of comprehensive restoration of the car body, an entirely overwrought engine and a restoration of the air suspension. What is particularly remarkable of the W112 series is the unbelievably comfortable and superior handling in comparison with the conventionally sprung W 111 models. 50 years ago this coupé was originally sold in creme-white, later it was given a new paintwork in silver (original color). The car’s all black leather interior is in good condition. Additionally, it has a pigeon blue carpet with matching black Mercedes door mats.

Mercedes Benz W112
In 1962 the coupé and cabriolet versions of the W 112 series by Mercedes-Benz had their debut. They were offered until 1967. As far was technology is concerned, the coupe and cabriolet was in line with the sedan. Contrary to the sedans, however, they did not have the stylish tail fins, but a lower roof-line, which made them more elegant and timeless and earned them cult status from an early point on. All in all only 2419 coupés were built.

Auctionata_Mercedes Benz 450 SEL 6,9, Model 1977_sold for 28.284 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 29,712.00

Estimated € 40,000.00
Starting at € 20,000.00

This Mercedes Benz 450SEL 6,9 is a premium sedan from Stuttgart. Back then the automobile magazine ‚Auto, Motor und Sport‘ called the 450 SEL 6.9 the ‚best car in the world‘. The Mercedes features everything that was technically possible in those days. Its performance and handling characteristics are stunning and were incredibly innovative. A photo documentation of the restoration is available.

Mercedes Benz Series W116
W 116 is the identification of a luxury sedan built by the then Daimler-Benz AG, it was introduced to the market in September 1972. This series was the birth of the name ‚S class‘. In September 1975 the flagship, the 450 SEL 6.9, with a driving mechanism based on the engine M 100 from the Mercedes 600, was introduced. The eight-cylinder engine of the ‚6.9‘ featured dry sump lubrication and had a cubic capacity of 6834 cc with 286 hp. This engine had the by then highest torque in a German passenger vehicle engine of 549 Nm at 3000/min. The sedan reached a maximum speed of 225 km/h. For maximum suspension comfort without handling deficits, the 6.9 featured a serial hydro-pneumatic system similar to that of the large Citroën models.

Auctionata_Mercedes Benz 560 SL, Model 1988_sold for 35.355 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 37,140.00

Estimated € 30,000.00
Starting at € 15,000.00

This Mercedes Benz comes from a Hungarian collection and was imported from the U.S.A. Only original Mercedes Benz parts were used for the re-modification to meet EU norms. In 2014 the car received a complete exterior paintwork, the interior remained untouched, the cloth hardtop was renewed. It features an air condition, electric window lifters, tinted windows and windstop.

Mercedes Benz R 107
The Mercedes-Benz R 107 is a two-seat roadster with optional rear emergency seats. The SL series 107, which was introduced to the market in 1971 as successor of the ‚Pagoda‘ (series W 113), paved a new design path at Mercedes-Benz with its broad H4 head lamps and the large furrowed tail lights. It’s slightly wedge-shaped body hints at their attempt to realize improved aerodynamic. Once again, the designer of this series was Friedrich Geiger, who had already been in charge of the timeless creations 300 SL and the Mercedes-Benz 500K.

Auctionata_Mercedes Benz 600, Model 1972_sold for 94.280 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 96,000.00

Estimated € 120,000.00
Starting at € 60,000.00

This Mercedes Benz comes from a Hungarian collection and was imported from the U.S.A. It is an extremely rare Mercedes Benz 600 with partition. Originally, partitions could only be found in Pullmann models. This was a special feature for a customer from Japan, accordingly, it was first shipped to and registered in Japan. In the 1980s it was exported to the U.S.A. and a few years ago bought by a collector from Hungary. Another unusual thing is the low mileage of just 12,929 kilometers. The entire hydraulic system and the hydraulic valves were renewed, basically everything that has to do with pneumatic shock absorption. The engine has been worked over comprehensively.

Mercedes Benz W100
Mercedes-Benz’s 600 in-house description was W 100. It was built by Daimler-Benz as an official state car for representative purposes in the 1960s and 1970s. In the mid 1950s Mercedes Benz’s head developing engineer Fritz Nallinger probed the limits of what was technically possible with the 600. Accordingly, the car was given apneumatic shock absorption, automatic transmission,power steering and -breakes. Pullmann built a version with a longer wheelbase. Throughout its period of production the Mercedes 600 was a loss-making business that Daimler-Benz conducted solely for image reasons.

Auctionata_MINI 1000, RHD, Model 1977_sold for 14.142 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 14,856.00

Estimated € 15,000.00
Starting at € 7,500.00

Apart from the exterior paintwork, this Mini 1000 is almost entirely in an original unrestored condition. In 2009 the corrosion-free car body was given a thorough and careful new paintwork in the original color, additionally, it was thoroughly cleaned. In this process quite a few technical features were overhauled, e. g. the shocks, breaks, radiator and the adjustable chassis frame (lowered), the ignition was renewed a little later. The perfectly preserved interior was cleaned and could be entirely reused (apart from the carpet, which was renewed). Owed to its preservation, the combination of exterior color and the original golden Minilite ten inch wheel rims makes for the car’s special appeal.

Mini is the name of a small passenger car originally built between summer 1959 and autumn 2000 by the Austin Motor Company and the Morris Motor Company, later by the British Motor Corporation (BMC), British Leyland and Rover, respectively by licensing partners. With his TV series ‚Mr Bean‘, the actor Rowan Atkinson largely contributed to the Mini’s recent popularity.

Auctionata_Porsche 356 B Cabriolet 1600 Super, Model 1961_sold for 111.957,5 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 117,610.00

Estimated € 100,000.00
Starting at € 50,000.00

The consignor found and bought this car as a restoration object in 2000. Back then the car was purple and was quite blemished. Over the following 2 years it was completely taken apart, restored and rebuilt with original parts according to original guidelines. The leather was upholstered and the roof was renewed. Ever since it is back in the original color it was delivered in. Restoration was completed in 2002.

Porsche 356
The Porsche 356 B was made as coupé, convertible/hardtop and roadster between 1959 and 1961. The car’s typification 356 is the serial number of this Porsche construction. Production of the series 356 ended in April 1965; 76,302 units had been built.

Auctionata_Porsche 356 Coupé Super 90, Model 1962_sold for 70.710 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 74,280.00

Estimated € 75,000.00
Starting at € 38,000.00

This Porsche 356 Super 90 offered here was delivered to Italy in 1962. According to the papers, an Austrian lady living in Bologna bought it. The Super 90 spent most of its air-cooled life in Italy until it was recently brought back to its home country.

Porsche 356
From 1959 to 1961 Porsche offered the ‚B‘ version as coupe, convertible/hardtop and roadster. The car’s typification 356 is the serial number of this Porsche construction. Production of the series 356 ended in April 1965; 76,302 units had been built.

Auctionata_Porsche 911 Turbo, 1987_sold for 106.065 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 111,420.00

Estimated € 80,000.00
Starting at € 40,000.00

This Porsche 911 Turbo was imported from the U.S.A. and comprehensively optimized. It received a new exterior paintwork, all sealings were renewed, the under-body was ice-blasted and resealed. On the engine the shaft seal was renewed, the sun roof electronics were also overhauled. The exhaust system has been optimized. Additionally, the heat exchanger and the intercooler have been renewed. The engine had already been worked over in the U.S.A. In Germany the Porsche was checked on an engine test bench, the excellent result showed a performance curve with 368.8 hp.

Porsche 930 Turbo
The Porsche group introduced the sports car Porsche 911 Turbo under the type designation 930 on the market in 1974. Upon its introduction, it was the fastest vehicle from German serial production. The 930 was the first serial sports car which Porsche equipped with a turbocharger. The 911 was Porsche’s top model. It was available in the car body variants coupé, Targa and cabriolet. The Porsche 930, better known as Porsche 911 Turbo, is a sports car made on the basis of the Porsche 911 between 1974 and 1989.

Auctionata_Puch 500 S, Model 1970_sold for 7.660,25 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 8,047.00

Estimated € 10,000.00
Starting at € 5,000.00

This ‚Puch Car‘ was neatly restored a couple of years ago and is especially striking for its size. Back in the days of its origin, designers and engineers took customers‘ need for a small car suitable for everyday use into account. It was popular with both city dwellers and countryfolk. Even today it is a common sight on the streets around the city of Graz, where it was built. It is also known as a true roomster with four seats.

Puch 500 S
The Austrian Puch works (Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG) produced the model Puch 500, also nick-named ‚Pucherl‘ as of 1957. The car body of the Fiat 500 was adopted, predominantly for economic reasons. The 16 hp boxer engine allowed good vehicle handling, especially trips in the mountains were a great experience for drivers. In order to likewise appeal to motorcycle drivers, a convertible was also developed. A total of ca. 60,000 units were produced and mainly sold in Austria and Germany

Auctionata_Steyr 50 „Baby“, Model 1937_sold for_25.927 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 27,236.00

Estimated € 20,000.00
Starting at € 10,000.00

This Steyr-Baby is a charming vehicle in good condition. It was lovingly restored a few years ago. The attractive red/black paintwork emphasizes its soft round forms. The large sunroof makes it great fun to drive, additionally, the Steyr Baby offers sufficient room for the entire family. Small but nice. The grand dame of Austrian automobile history awaits its next road trip.

Steyr Daimler Puch AG
Karl Jenschke constructed the car body of the Steyr 50 as chief designer at Adler. The car was shown at the ‚Automobil- und Motorrad-Ausstellung‘ (Car and Motorcycle exhibition) in February 1936 for the first time. Even today the car is nick-named ‚Steyr-Baby‘. The car turned out a big seller, as early as three months after beginning of production, the thousandth ‚Baby‘ rolled off the belt. The 4-cylinder boxer engine with ebullient cooling drives the rear-wheels over a four-gear-drive. It was sold for 2,865 Reichsmark. The new model – the Steyr 55 – was produced as of 1938 with a stronger engine and more cubic capacity, as well as with rims with holes and modified bumpers. Production was stopped in 1940 after some 13,000 units had been made.

Auctionata_VW Beetle, Model 1962_sold for 8.249,5 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 8,666.00

Estimated € 8,000.00
Starting at € 4,000.00

This VW Beetle offered here is a model with a folding sunroof. In 1962 the last models with folding sunroofs were made, later models featured a crank-open sunroof. Following papers are at hand: vehicle title, VW repair service card, manual, VW diagnosis card.

VW Beetle
Volkswagen built the successful Beetle from 1938 to 2003. The last models were built South America. With more than 21.5 million units sold, it was the world’s best selling car, before the VW Golf took over first place in June 2002. In 1962 Volkswagen celebrated the 5.000.000th beetle. Until mid 1963 a folding sunroof was offered as an optional feature. It was then replaced by a crank-open sunroof.

Auctionata_VW Käfer 1303 Cabriolet, mit Kofferset, Model 1978_sold for 16.499 Euro (incl. buyer's premium)

Sold for € 17,332.00

Estimated € 20,000.00
Starting at € 10,000.00

In 1995 this Beetle Cabriolet was exported from Germany to Austria where it was registered. The current owner bought it from a museum. It still is in unrestored condition, however, owed to the good maintenance it received over the last years, it is fully operational. In 2014 the fabric soft top, the battery and the tires were renewed. Additional, a three-piece luggage set is included. With all maintenance jobs the focus always was on preserving its originality.

VW Beetle 1303 Cabriolet
In 1972 the VW 1303 followed the model 1302. The biggest difference was the bulged windshield and the larger tail lights, also called elephant feet. An important feature that only the cabriolet models had was the bulged rear end panel. Later models had a smoother rack and pinion steering. Due to the beginning of the production of the new Golf in 1975, the fabrication of the cabriolet was relocated to Karmann in Osnabrück.

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