A Porsche 911 T returns home

Porsche Classic USA-Restauration 2010 - Revive the Passion No 00

At the Porsche Parade of the Porsche Club of America (PCA), Bud Kibee, an 85 year old Porsche Fan, has won first prize – a 1973 Porsche 911 T Coupé, which the experts at Porsche Classic in Stuttgart have spent a year completely restoring.

Revive The Passion - Demontage No 004

The raffling off of the 911 took place early August at the Victory Banquet in the International Trade & Convention Center in Savannah. The winner could hardly contain his joy. Bud Kibbee has owned a 1963 Porsche 356 for 20 years, but he had never owned a Porsche 911. At the raffle, Kibbee had bought eight raffle tickets, in order to increase his chance of winning the sought-after collector’s item.

Porsche Classic USA-Restauration 2010 - Revive the Passion

Just over one year ago, PCA, Porsche Club Coordination and Porsche Classic had jointly launched the “Revive the Passion” project, found a suitable vehicle in Los Angeles, transported it to Stuttgart in its pitiful condition and rebuilt it again there. PCA members were given regular updates during the entire restoration process, in text, pictures and videos on the Internet, as well as in the Club’s newsletter. Once returned to America the old Porsche was presented for the first time, fully restored to its former glory, at the Concours d’Elegance at the Porsche Parade.

Revive The Passion - Karosserie No 006

The event is a tradition for the 100,000-member-strong PCA, the largest Porsche Club in the world, and is one of the most important Porsche events held annually in the USA. Around 1,600 members made the pilgrimage to Savannah in early August, and some 750 Porsche vehicles were proudly put on display.

Revive The Passion - Karosse No 007

Porsche Classic had its own display covering just under 200 m2, alongside the experts from Porsche Design Driver’s Selection, Porsche Exclusive & Tequipment, and the Porsche Museum. Not only did visitors learn about the entire project and restoration of the 911 T, but many visitors also took advantage of the opportunity to get advice directly from Classic experts from Zuffenhausen and the USA, as well as marvelling at the range of original Classic parts on display, and finding out about the spare parts on offer. In addition, guest could listen to a daily presentation during which the technical aspects of the restoration were explained using the vehicle itself as a visual aid.

Revive The Passion - Karosse Wiederaufbau No 010, Dezember 2010

“Our visit to Savannah was a complete success”, was the delighted verdict of Alexander Fabig, Head of Porsche Classic, “we were completely taken aback at the response to our 911 T project. People were in general very interested in the range of services we had on offer.”


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