Chrysler Town 7 Country Station Wagon 1942


Today the 1942 Chrysler Town & Country is an icon, considered by many to be the finest American wood-bodied motorcar ever built. This particular model seats nine and was built on the Windsor chassis and in that it used a straight ‘six’ engine, producing 120hp. The 1942 wagon was a striking re-styling of the original 1941 model. The entire front was wrapped in stainless steel bars that run from wheel opening to wheel opening, across the entire grille. The roof slopes gently back tot the tailgate to and the wood contrasts beautifully with the modern styling. This model features ‘barrel back’ or ‘clam shell’ rear doors. Chrysler built approximately 2.000 cars of which 849 were the barrel-back 9-passenger model. The Second World war ceased the production early 1942 for Chrysler of the passengers cars. Purchased new by the family Sidney Ehrman of San Francisco this station wagon spent much of its life at Pine Lodge, Lake Tahoe Estate, which was owned by the family. This wagon’s principal use was to shuttle family and guests around Lake Tahoe while in residence at Pine Lodge. Never restored, always properly maintained and owned by just one family this car was acquired by the Louwman Collection at an auction in the U.S.A.



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