American La France Hook and Ladder Aerial 31/6 1922


The American La France Type 31/6 was a successful early example of automotive technology applied to fire fighting. The rig used a two-wheel tractor that was extremely popular around the time of the First World War. The ladder itself was a revolutionary system patented in 1903 that used huge springs to help raise the ladder to the vertical. When in use, that ladder certainly could go vertical, extending to 65 feet. This magnificent early Hook and Ladder rig is complete with all its ladders and original fire fighting tools. The tractor is a chain-drive American La France type 31/6, which means that is powered by an inline six-cylinder T-Head American La France engine. Believed to have been used by the Westfield, New York, Fire Department, it was delivered on July 31, 1922. Several years ago, it was completely restored by John Abrahamson of Enfield Auto Restoration. Finished in traditional dark red with gold and black trim and with all wood refinished, it is in impeccable condition. This Type Hook and Ladder surely must be one of the finest anywhere.



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